Shanelle vice-president van Amsterdam United

Shanelle Hasselbaink is de nieuwe vice-president van Amsterdam United. Amsterdam United is een platform van studenten zich inzetten voor meer diversiteit en inclusie op de universiteit.

Je kent haar waarschijnlijk al van BIJLMERenZO. Lees hieronder waar Shanelle voor staat. Amsterdam United communiceert in het Engels:

Her story?
Shanelle studies Interdisciplinairy Social Sciences and is currently in her second year. In the wake of starting her new journey at the University of Amsterdam, she was confronted with a place that constantly questioned her identity and presence within the university. For the whole first year she struggled with finding a safe space within the UvA. She joined Amsterdam United, because she wants to create more awareness about the concept of diversity. Her aim is to help create a more safe and inclusive space for students with different backgrounds.

Diversity for her means accepting other people for who they really are without putting any kinds of restraints or pressure on their identity.

What would she say to her younger self?
&#822Speak whenever you feel safe.”

Inspiring quote?
&#822Make a difference about something other than yourselves.” – Toni Morrison

(Bron: Amsterdam United)